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Resume Writing Services – Questions I frequently hear

How does my resume look?  I’m sure it’ll wow the client.  What?  It’s awful?  Really?  Ugh, can you help me re-write or maybe create my resume?  Maybe it’s not that bad and it only needs a little formatting.  Have you asked these questions before?  I’ve been asked these questions a lot over the last 13 years and most of the time, I’ve said “no, I’m sorry.”  Not anymore!

Many of you know Sarah Eads since she’s been recruiting with me for a while now.  If you need help with your resume, whether you’re a seasoned professional, or a recent graduate, I am happy to recommend her professional services!  Be sure to reach out to her.

Sarah Eads at Eads Recruiting – Resume writing services

Sarah at Eads Recruiting is excited to have the opportunity to work closely with Kelly Duke of Kelly Duke Staffing LLC® on their open positions!  In addition to recruiting, Eads Recruiting offers professional resume writing services.  We are able to provide services anywhere from completely writing a new resume or touching up an old one.  For details and pricing, please contact Sarah at